10 Fall Detector Must-Knows Before You Buy

1. What is a fall detector? 

A fall detector is a special personal alarm you wear. It has clever sensors that call for help if it senses a sudden fall. It’s like having a guardian watching over you, making sure help comes fast, even if you can’t ask for it.

2. How does a fall detector work?

Fall detectors have smart sensors that raise an alarm when someone falls. If a fall happens, it sends a quick alert to our control room for help. Even if the person can’t ask for help, the device makes sure someone comes fast to help them.

3. Who needs fall detection?

Fall detection is important for people who are at risk of falling, like elderly individuals or those with certain medical conditions. It helps ensure they get help quickly if they fall, even if they can’t call for it themselves.

an elderly person experiencing a fall, wearing a HelpAlert device with a fall detection feature. The device shows an SOS alert being sent.

4. How does a fall detector know when someone falls?

Fall detectors use special sensors that notice sudden movements like falling. When it detects a fall, the device calls our control room who will check you are ok and organise help immediately.

5. What happens if the fall detector sends an alert by mistake?

If the fall detector sends an alert by mistake, you can cancel it by pressing a button on the device. If you can’t cancel the alarm in time do not worry. Just let the operator know it is a mistake, the operator may telephone you to double check you do not need help.

6. Can a fall detector work outside the home?

Some fall detectors can work anywhere outside the home like our GPS pendant and GPS watch. The Home Lifeline will work in the garden but at a maximum range of 200m from the base unit.

7. How long does it take for help to arrive after a fall detector sends an alert?

After a fall detector makes a call to our control room, we immediately arrange assistance by contacting your loved ones, friends, or emergency services. The speed of help varies based on factors such as your location and proximity of your contacts, but rest assured, we stay connected throughout the process.

8. How can a fall detector tell the difference between a fall and me just bending down?

A fall detector use sensors to detect the speed and force of a fall. They can tell the difference between a fall and bending down based on these movements.

9. Can I adjust the fall detectors sensitivity?

If the automatic fall detector is too sensitive and the alert is triggered too often by mistake, it can be adjusted to better suit your needs. Our team can change the sensitivity remotely to reduce the likelihood of false alarms.

10. How much does a fall detector cost to install and monitor?

The cost of the optional fall detection is only £3 per month or £36 per year, this can simply be added to your subscription.

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