A Guide to Cultivating Your Garden Through December

As winter settles in we are tempted to leave the garden hoping spring will appear soon

But, fear not! There’s plenty you can do to keep your garden thriving throughout the winter months.

This post provides tips and ideas making sure your garden remains a vibrant even in winter!

Protecting Your Plants from the Cold

An simple tip is laying straw, leaves, or wood chips, this will keep them warmer.

On frosty nights, you could cover your plants with a light blanket to keep them from freezing.

Not all plants are created equal. Tomatoes and peppers may not survive a frost, but kale, Brussels sprouts, and winter pansies love the cold.

When at the garden center, look out for plants labeled “winter interest” or “cold hardy”.

Even in the quieter winter months, there’s plenty to keep your garden in top shape.

Take advantage of the season by:

  • Cleaning up your garden: Bid farewell to any dead or diseased plant material to prevent pests and diseases from spreading.
  • Pruning your trees and shrubs: Encourage new growth that will burst forth in the spring.
  • Fertilising your lawn: Give your grass a boost with a light application of fertilizer to recover from the summer stress.
  • Protecting your tools: Store your tools in a dry place, this will stop rust and be ready for spring.

A winter garden will not have the same colours as spring and summer, but it offers its own unique charm. Even on cold days your garden is a space for relaxation.

Gardening in winter can be rewarding and you can keep your garden looking great. So, wrap up warm, grab your gloves, and let the winter gardening adventure begin!