The True Cost of Personal Alarms for older people.

It’s a concern for any family when an elderly member could fall and not be able to call for help. The thought of them lying alone, waiting for assistance, is troubling. Yet, with today’s technology, these risks can be stopped.

Personal alarms play a key role here. They offer a straightforward way for our loved ones to signal for help if they need it. This assurance is important for their safety and our peace of mind.

When selecting a personal alarm, it’s not just the price that should guide us. Choosing the most affordable might seem sensible, but the quality of service and reliability matter more. Ensuring our family members can easily get help when they need it is invaluable. Safety and peace of mind are priorities that are well worth the investment.

Low Prices Can Be Deceiving: Some companies might increase the cost of personal alarms after you’ve had them for a year or two. It’s good to ask how long the initial price will last. At HelpAlert, we guarantee that the price you start with stays the same for as long as you’re with us.

Fixed Pricing Means No Surprises: Just because it’s cheap at first doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. Prices might go up later on. T HelpAlert we stand for clear and fair pricing from the start.

Advantages of Annual Payment Plans: Paying yearly can make personal alarms less expensive. See if any companies have extra deals, like HelpAlert’s Free Keysafe, to make their offer more attractive.

Prorated Refunds – A Sign of Flexibility: Paying up front for a year? Check if you can get money back if you cancel early. Life can change fast. HelpAlert gives back money for the part of the year you don’t use the alarm. HelpAlert is here to adjust to your life changes, whether it’s moving to a care home or other big events.


Choosing the right personal alarm for our older family members is really important. It’s not all about how much it costs. What really counts is how valuable and reliable the service is.

HelpAlert keeps prices the same, offers deals if you pay for a year upfront, and let you get some money back if you cancel early. This means no nasty surprises later on. A personal alarm is more than a gadget; it’s a safety net, making sure our loved ones can get help when they need it. The real worth of a personal alarm is the peace of mind and safety it brings, not just its price.

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