Terms and Conditions

What will HelpAlert Provide:

HelpAlert shall provide the following services:

  • Supply and install their Device, which is linked to the HelpAlert control centre. This Device offers a 24-hour emergency monitoring service, 365 days a year.
  • In the event of an emergency call, HelpAlert shall promptly contact the appropriate emergency service or designated key holder as deemed necessary.
  • In such circumstances, the client hereby consents to grant “reactive” access to their residence, as defined in the Telecare Services Association Code of Practice. A key holder is an individual(s) nominated by the client to be contacted in case of emergency or distress and to whom the client grants permission to access their dwelling using a key when a real or perceived emergency arises.
  • If no response occurs during a scheduled visit, HelpAlert will notify the Control Center, attempt to contact the client’s home, reach out to any next of kin.
  • In the event of no response during an emergency visit, HelpAlert will supply the key safe code to the individual(s) nominated by the client to gain entry to the property. In cases where entry cannot be obtained, HelpAlert will promptly inform the Police and request a welfare check.
  • Forced entry is not authorised by HelpAlert. We can solely request the Police to perform a welfare check and allow them to take appropriate action.
  • In the case of a non-emergency call, HelpAlert will make reasonable efforts to resolve the inquiry.
  • HelpAlert may determine that no notification is warranted if the client’s call is believed to be in error, an inappropriate use of the system, or if the client is not in danger or distress and does not require assistance.
  • HelpAlert may override the client’s preferences if the operator deems it in the client’s best interests and may establish contact with the most suitable party.
  • HelpAlert is the owner and responsible party for equipment maintenance. In the event of a critical fault or health and safety concerns reported, HelpAlert shall make every effort to repair or replace the equipment within 48 hours.
  • HelpAlert may share information with other relevant agencies, including Social Services, Health, and Emergency Services, when it is reasonably believed to be in the client’s best interest. This may include disclosing details to the Fire Service for the purpose of conducting a Fire Safety check, with the client’s permission.
  • In cases of suspected or reported abuse of our client, whether of a physical, sexual, psychological, financial, discriminatory nature, or acts of neglect, HelpAlert shall promptly report such incidents to the appropriate authorities, following our established safeguarding procedures.
  • We welcome all feedback regarding our services and shall handle any complaints or comments.

Client Responsibilities under the HelpAlert Agreement:

The client must:

  • Assume responsibility for the prompt payment of monitoring and rental fees to HelpAlert. These fees shall be payable in advance, either on a monthly basis or through a one off payment. It is important to note that the monthly fee remains applicable even during the client’s absence from their residence, such as when on vacation, hospitalised, or receiving respite care.
  • Utilise the equipment exclusively for the purpose of contacting HelpAlert in case of emergencies, including but not limited to instances of illness, accidents, home care requests, or other genuine emergencies.
  • Ensure that the device remains adequately charged for use. If the user is unable to perform this task, it becomes the responsibility of another responsible adult to ensure continuous device charging.
  • Refrain from switching off the device under any circumstances, as doing so would impede the ability to connect with HelpAlert.
  • Grant HelpAlert the authority to respond to emergency calls in a manner deemed appropriate by HelpAlert. This may include contacting law enforcement for a welfare check when there is no response and no available key holders. Any ensuing costs for repairs shall be the client’s responsibility.
  • Conduct monthly tests of the Device to confirm its operational status.
  • Uphold arrangements for key holder access.
  • Immediately report any faults, damages, or health and safety concerns to HelpAlert using the provided 24-hour telephone number.
  • Exercise due care in handling the equipment and accept financial responsibility for repair or replacement in case of loss, theft, accidental damage, or deliberate damage.
  • Furnish up-to-date personal information required to provide the service. This includes notifying HelpAlert of any changes in the client’s health, medication, key holder details, key safe combination, next of kin information, or changes in residence.
  • Inform HelpAlert of any extended absences from the premises and conduct a test call upon returning home, particularly after hospitalisation or respite care.
  • Acknowledge that HelpAlert shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the operation of HelpAlert equipment, or for HelpAlert’s monitoring responsibilities under this agreement, except in cases where such loss or damage results from the HelpAlert’s negligent acts or defaults, or those of its employees or agents.
  • Provide consent for all calls to be voice recorded, and for personal data to be collected, input, and stored (processed).

Limitations of HelpAlert Services:

HelpAlert will not:

  • Assume responsibility for any failure on the part of any individual, helping agency, or agencies contacted to obtain or provide appropriate help or assistance.
  • Provide a guarantee to utilise its own resources to respond to an emergency call in the event that the client’s own contact is unavailable, although it shall make reasonable efforts to do so, subject to prevailing circumstances.
  • Be held liable for any service deficiencies arising from circumstances beyond its control, such as mobile network service breakdowns, electricity supply interruptions, misuse, strikes, lockouts, or other industrial disputes.
  • Guarantee that emergency calls will be addressed within a specific timeframe from the time of acceptance. However, HelpAlert is committed to employing its reasonable efforts to deliver a prompt and efficient response to each call.
  • Facilitate or be responsible for forced entry into a property and will not assume liability for property repairs or safety measures following a police-forced entry, when deemed necessary by law enforcement.
  • Utilise the GPS website to access the users’ location except in cases of emergency.

Terms and Termination of HelpAlert Agreement

  • The client retains the right to terminate this agreement within a 30-day period starting from the date of Device installation. To initiate termination, the client should contact HelpAlert at 0808 304 2338 or careteam@helpalert.co.uk and communicate their intention to end the agreement. If this is accomplished within 30 days, no charges shall be levied upon the client.
  • Charges associated with this agreement undergo an annual review each April. Any modifications in charges will be communicated in writing to the client. Additionally, purchasing extra services may result in changes in costs.
  • Following the initial 30-day period mentioned above, either party may terminate the agreement by providing a minimum of 1month notice. If the Device has been installed for more than 30 days but less than 3 months, a full quarter’s charge shall be applicable. Charges shall continue until all equipment is returned to HelpAlert.
  • Upon termination of the agreement, it is the client’s responsibility to arrange for the return of the equipment via postal service to HelpAlert. A pre-paid jiffy bag will be dispatched for this purpose.
  • In rare circumstances, HelpAlert may terminate the rental agreement due to abuse or improper utilisation of the system, or non-payment of invoices. HelpAlert shall provide the client with comprehensive notification of its decision and inform relevant parties, including social services and family members.

Consent and Legal Provisions:

  • By agreeing to this agreement, you grant your consent to the recording of all calls for quality assurance and monitoring purposes, as well as the processing of data provided by you, by HelpAlert.
  • HelpAlert retains the authority to subcontract the delivery of its Device service.
  • Any new Key Safe acquired from HelpAlert carries a one-year warranty.
  • All personal data furnished for the purposes outlined in this agreement shall be collected and managed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). Upon becoming unnecessary, such data shall be securely disposed of.
  • Additional details on accessing your personal data can be found on our website