How HelpAlert works

We pride ourselves on being the only monitored alarm service run as a family business. We’re small enough to care but large enough to cope with the needs of your loved ones when it comes to providing a 5-star pendant or watch alarm.

Our 24/7 UK based careline control room is registered and audited by the Quality Care Commission. We are the only private alarm service to be rated in this way which reflects our passion and commitment to our alarm users.

1. Watch or Pendant alarm is pressed

The device will connect to our UK-based control room and the user will be personally greeted by our friendly care team. The user will be able to speak and hear directly through their GPS device or through their home lifeline base-unit.

2. Automatic Falls Detector

We offer a fall detector add on to allow automatic connection to our control room in the event of a fall. This means help will be arranged even if the user hasn’t been able to press the button (this could be due to shock, confusion or unconsciousness)

3. Family and neighbours alerted

Our control room will get in touch with family, friends and neighbours listed on the user’s account to keep them updated with any incidents which may occur. The contacts may be asked to attend to help. If this isn’t possible we will arrange other means of help.

4. Falls Team or Ambulance

If listed contacts can’t attend we may dispatch a local falls team. If the alarm call is more serious and an ambulance is required, this will be arranged quickly whilst keeping the user calm at all times and notifying family and friends at every stage of the emergency.

Listen to a real emergency call

Click the button to request genuine emergency call examples. Experience firsthand how our skilled 24/7 control room team manages diverse situations by listening to real calls made by our customers.

Simple set up – No installation needed

Our devices are delivered ready to go, straight from the box – no setup needed! Plus, each system comes with straightforward instructions for added convenience.

see instructions

Nationwide Coverage

We cover services all over the United Kingdom. Our medical alarm system operates using a multi-SIM card, which means it can connect to different networks like EE, O2, and Vodafone, ensuring you have a reliable connection wherever you are. It’s like having multiple phone lines in one device, so even if one network isn’t working well, another one might be, keeping you connected in case of emergency.

Monitored in the UK

A personal alarm is only as good as the 24/7 control room that backs it up. HelpAlert has a highly reliable control center located in the UK. When you need help our highly trained team answer the phone within seconds.

Our team will stay on the phone with you to make sure you’re safe while they organise the best way to help you.

Our Range of Alarms

Navigate our selection of personal alarms to find the perfect match for your needs and preferences.

GPS Watch
Annual Subscription
Upfront: £99.99?
Pay Today: £399.99 (ex VAT)

save £60

with annual subscription

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GPS Pendant
Annual Subscription
Upfront: £88.00?
Pay Today: £352.00 (ex VAT)

save £72

with annual subscription

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home lifeline
Annual Subscription
Upfront: £59.99?
Pay Today: £263.99 (ex VAT)

save £48

with annual subscription

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Monthly Subscription
Upfront: £99.99?
Pay Today: £129.99 (ex VAT)
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GPS pendant
Monthly Subscription
Upfront: £88.00?
Pay Today: £116.00 (ex VAT)
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home lifeline
Monthly Subscription
Upfront: £59.99?
Pay Today: £80.99 (ex VAT)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it connect to my home?
HelpAlert offers in-home and GPS devices. Our in-home Lifeline connects using a base hub that is not mobile and our mobile GPS devices all connect via cellular. If you’re unsure on which system or device to choose, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

Is there a trial period?
Yes. We provide a 14-day FREE trial with no upfront payment, we only require a card authorisation. If you decide HelpAlert isn’t right for you, ship the device back to us.

Are there any hidden fees?
HelpAlert does not have any hidden fees and unlike some providers we also do not increase monitoring costs after your first year.


What’s your refund policy?
You can cancel your HelpAlert subscription at any time as long as you provide us 30 days notice. We will refund any unused months deducting delivery costs and the discount applied if you purchased an annual subscription.

What happens if I cancel early?
If you purchase an annual plan and cancel before the end of the paid for period, we will calculate a partial refund based on the unused months of service. Delivery and any discount applied will be deducted from the final balance.

How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription call our freephone number on 0808 304 2338. The equipment will need to be returned to us: HelpAlert Ltd, Maritime House, Basin Road North, Brighton, BN41 1WR. We recommend getting a tracking number when shipping the package back to us.