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How Do Care Alarms Work?

Alarm is pressed
The device will connect instantly to our UK-based careline control room and the user will be personally greeted by a friendly control operator. The user will be able to speak and hear directly through their device.

Close-up image of the alarm button on a HelpAlert personal alarm device.

Falls detected automatically
All of our devices are compatible with an automatic fall detector function. This means in the event of the user falling the device would connect automatically to our careline control room. If the user had fallen unconscious and wasn’t able to press their alarm the automatic fall detector would activate and the control room would arrange urgent help.


Image of an elderly person experiencing a fall.

Family and neighbours alerted
Our careline control room will get in touch with family and neighbours listed on the user’s emergency profile and ask them to attend. If contacts are not able to attend this isn’t a problem, the user will never be left alone and help will always be arranged.

A HelpAlert control room staff member with a friendly smile, wearing a headset and speaking to a customer on the phone.

Falls response team &
emergency ambulance dispatched
If emergency contacts aren’t nearby or need additional backup, HelpAlert may dispatch a local falls team if available in your area. If the alarm call is more serious and an ambulance is required this will be arranged quickly whilst keeping the alarm user calm at all times and notifying family and neighbours at every stage.

Photo of an elderly person receiving help from emergency medical services after being called by HelpAlerts control room

Our Range of Alarms

GPS Watch
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GPS Pendant
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home lifeline
Annual Subscription
Upfront: £59.99?
Pay Today: £263.99 (ex VAT)

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Monthly Subscription
Upfront: £99.99?
Pay Today: £129.99 (ex VAT)
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GPS pendant
Monthly Subscription
Upfront: £88.00?
Pay Today: £116.00 (ex VAT)
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home lifeline
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Upfront: £59.99?
Pay Today: £80.99 (ex VAT)
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Michael & Lulu

Meet Michael, one of our many satisfied customers! Hear about his experience with HelpAlert. Watch his testimonial now to hear how we helped him when he fell over.

My friend recommended HelpAlert after it saved her life. My previous alarm provider would only work near my telephone which was no good. I love feeling safe walking to the shops again.

Maureen / Leicester

I work offshore and needed a fall detector for my elderly mother. I was so IMPRESSED with everything about HelpAlert and the service has been faultless so far. I can’t recommend them enough.

Jamie / Aberdeen

We both absolutely love HelpAlert.
We have been with the service for 6 months and it allows us to have a strong mother and daughter relationship without the need for worry.

Shellie and Olga / Norwich

Why choose an alarm from HelpAlert?

Making the right decision might seem daunting. Our range of personal alarms suit all needs, preferences, health conditions and lifestyles.

Whether you’re an older adult seeking reassurance around your home and garden or an active individual requiring piece of mind for a trip out, we have the perfect alarm for you.

How to order a personal alarm from HelpAlert

Whether you’re opting for an in-home Lifeline alarm, a GPS Pedant or a GPS Watch, our online ordering process is quick and secure. For personalised assistance or if you prefer placing orders over the phone, our friendly team is available Monday to Friday, 8 am – 6 pm. Freephone 0808 304 2338

How do I choose a personal alarm?

If you like going out and about, you might prefer an alarm that has GPS built in. Our GPS alarms can be used anywhere in the UK. If you prefer an alarm that is used only at home then our Home Lifeline alarm may suit you better.

Think about how you’d like to wear your alarm. Do you want it on your wrist, around your neck, or clipped to your clothes?

Also, consider what sort of safety features you need. If you’re worried about falling over, an alarm with a fall detector might be a good idea. This can automatically call for help in the event of a fall.

What’s your refund policy?

You can cancel your HelpAlert subscription at any time as long as you provide us 30 days notice. We will refund any unused months deducting delivery costs and the discount applied if you purchased an annual subscription.

What happens if I cancel early?

If you purchase an annual plan and cancel before the end of the paid for period, we will calculate a partial refund based on the unused months of service. Delivery and any discount applied will be deducted from the final balance.

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